Campingfamilien Hassing - Andersen

Meet The Hassing - Andersen family

The daily running of the Campsite is done by Birgitte Hassing Andersen and Martin Andersen.

Martin originally comes from the local area and for the start of season 2021 moved the family from Vestbjerg to Svinkløv Camping. Martin owns and runs Vin&Vin on Vester Alle in Aalborg so, it will mostly be Birgitte you will meet at the reception.

Birgitte has a daughter Karoline (2001) who has moved away from home and together the couple have

Isabella (2009), Victoria (2012) and Josefine (2015). Freya the dog and Leo the cat.

We have come to Svinkløv Camping with fresh energy – and at the same time we have big respect for the place and its history.

As a family will do our best to ensure you have a fantastic holiday at Svinkløv Camping!

Best Regards

Birgitte, Martin, Isabella, Victoria, Josefine , Freya the dog and Leo the cat.

If you would like to know more about the history of the campsite then read here